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The Parish of Curdridge is made up of two rural villages - Curdridge and Curbridge - and lies in the southern part of Winchester District in South Hampshire. The Parish is eight miles from Southampton and fourteen miles from Winchester.

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Review of Curdridge Boundary with North Whiteley (new development)
Please Respond to Consultation to Protect Village Character of Curdridge

Winchester City Council has now begun its Governance Review, which could result in changes to the boundaries of Curdridge and Whiteley. The first consultation meeting was held on Teams, and involved three representatives from each parish, plus City Councillor Vivian Achwal. The goal was to choose four people from North Whiteley out of 10 volunteers, but none of them turned up. So we agreed to meet in person at Whiteley, and will have done so before you read this.

The options being considered are described on the Winchester Council website, along with a link to allow you to give your views, in winchester.citizenspace.com/policy/community-governance-review-north-whiteley-phase-1/

Here are my notes, in order of value to protect the villages of Curdridge and Curbridge.

Option 2 – Move the boundary so that the whole of the North Whiteley MDA (major development area) is in Whiteley.  This reflects the fact that Whiteley was conceived as a whole, with its town centre located fairly close to the middle of the contiguous settlement of Whiteley and the MDA.

Many of Whiteley's facilities are located in the MDA – School, Playing Fields, other recreation and green infrastructure. Whiteley Town Council is contracted to maintain the infrastructure, which would be complex to fund if these areas were in a different parish.

The character of North Whiteley is very similar to that of Whiteley, but drastically different from Curdridge. Curdridge is a dispersed settlement, with relatively large plots and open farmland within the village. The character of Curdridge would be vulnerable if it were part of a parish dominated by Whiteley residents – Under option 3, Curdridge and Curbridge would make up less than 13% of the housing in the parish, effectively disenfranchising those living in those villages.

Option 1 – Set up a new council to cover the whole of North Whiteley. This prevents Curdridge being overwhelmed by the 3000 new households that are being built in the Curdridge part of N Whiteley, but doesn’t address the issue of how to manage and fund the infrastructure that Whiteley Town Council is committed to maintain.

Option 3 – Move the boundary so that all 3500 homes in N Whiteley are in Curdridge. This is even more damaging to our villages than doing nothing, as it means that over 87% of the parish would be urban. There is little chance that such a parish would work to preserve the character of the villages, and keep us separate from the town of Whiteley. Given that so much of the land between Curdridge and Whiteley has been submitted for SHELAA, we need a parish council motivated to resist joining the settlements.